Irrigation has been practiced in Morocco for many centuries. Water distribution is governed by embedded rules particularly in southern Morocco where scarce soil and water resources are valued.  During the sixties, Morocco initiated plans to irrigate one million ha of agricultural land along with “Dams policy”. Thanks to this rewarding orientation the country has

managed to build more than one hundred and forty dams and supply with irrigation water close to a million and half hectares.

Presently, the country continues to devote major attention to promote irrigated agriculture and enhance water saving systems within the frame work of “Green Morocco Plan”. Large as well as small and medium irrigation schemes are being irrigated with surface water from dams or rivers and/or from ground water. At present, irrigation is contributing to a large share of gross domestic product in several African countries. With a view to valuing the efforts made in this area, Morocco is continuing his south-south cooperation with African countries particularly in the frame work of “the Triple A initiative”, aiming at a better adaptation of African Agriculture to Climate Change.

Although, substantial progress has been accomplished to develop irrigation, there are still several challenges related to increasing water scarcity, low irrigation efficiency, constraints from climate change, insufficient resilience of small farms, low agricultural productivity and degradation of natural resources.  In fact, most of the African countries are confronted with similar common problems in varying degree within the agriculture sector. Irrigation represents and remains a great potential towards a better resilience of agriculture in Africa.

In order to cover these issues and exchange experiences about lessons drawn, innovative technologies, irrigation development strategies to reduce negative impacts of Climate Change on African agriculture, ANAFIDE is organizing under the auspices of ICID and in collaboration with IAV Hassan II and the African Regional Working Group (AFRWG) of ICID, the 5th Regional African Conference on irrigation and drainage with main topic:  “SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF IRRIGATION FOR IMPROVED RESILIENCE OF AGRICULTURE IN AFRICA”. This conference will take place at Le Grand Hotel SAVOY, Marrakech, Morocco from 16 to 19th of March 2020. It will bring together stakeholders, decision makers, professionals as well as researchers and donors. ANAFIDE which is a long time active member of ICID and has already organized the 30th IEC meeting in 1979 in Rabat as well as the 38th IEC and the 13th International ICID Congress in 1987 in Casablanca. It will spare no effort to make this coming conference very successful.

The Moroccan national committee of ICID is pleased to invite you to attend and contribute to this important regional conference that will be held in Morocco at LE GRAND HOTEL SAVOY in Marrakech, famous for its historical sites and its parks, especially the Menara olive grove and the Agdal gardens. An irrigation system built under the Almoravids dynasty is still used to water the city’s gardens. Your participation to this conference will also give you the opportunity to visit Moroccan achievements in modernized irrigated agriculture and appreciate historical attractive places in the country.


President of the Moroccan National ICID Committee (ANAFIDE)