Considering the need to address the afore mentioned challenges to improve resilience and agriculture productivity for ensuring food security for the present and future population in the African region, the 5th ARC will focus on the theme of “Sustainable Management of Irrigation for an Improved Resilience of Agriculture in Africa” The following four sub-themes will be covered under the main theme.

Main Conference Topic

Sustainable Management of Irrigation for an Improved Resilience of Agriculture in Africa

Sub Topics to be covered during the conference

A) Strategies to cope with water scarcity

Alternatives to cope with Climate Change including integrated planning and management of water resources which take into account qualitative and quantitative factors, Organizational and institutional structures for national and international river basin management – Water accounting- Develop resilience to climatic variability and extreme events; crop insurance. Innovations in agricultural water saving to cope with water scarcity- management of Increased demand and competition on water use. Safeguard underground water resources-  conjunctive use  of groundwater and surface water ; use of unconventional water, reuse of treated waste water and water desalinization, implementation of climate change revolution strategy- Experiences with Public Private Partnership in agricultural water.

B) Valorization of irrigation water

Issues/challenges of land and water management; promotion of crops with high added value, innovative and workable financing mechanisms; addressing low productivity and market uncertainty; adapting cultivation techniques and irrigation systems to the context of Climate change; ensuring sustainability of irrigated production systems- Water-food-energy nexus new challenges for water managers in agriculture, innovations in exploiting the potential of renewable energies in irrigated agriculture.  Economic analysis of water services and uses,…

C) Management of irrigation schemes at different scales

Management of small; medium and large irrigated schemes. Irrigation efficiency, poor maintenance of irrigation infrastructure, performances management of WUAs. Legal and institutional arrangements for collective farming of small holders’ organization-Implementation of water saving techniques, reconversion of flood and sprinkle irrigation to drip irrigation systems (individual and collective reconversion cases); Water pricing, Full cost recovery charges for services. Sharing Experiences on financing models of irrigation schemes design and management. (Public Private Partnership, study cases). Role of Research & Development, efficient extension services; capacity building development

D) Drainage and ecological issues

Impact of Climate change  on the performance of both drainage and irrigation systems. Management issues for sustainable drainage systems- Disposal of  drainage water and ways and means to reduce environmental adverse impacts-New appraoches to adapt traditional drainage systems to Climate Change. Impact of performance of drainage systems on the  sustainability of production systems. Assessment of  the impact of drainage systems on flood-prone areas –