Training Program

International African Young Professionals-Training Program



First International African Young Water Professionals Workshop

“Utilization of Irrigation and Drainage systems to mitigate climate change


March 11-15th, 2020





During the African Regional Working Group and the International Executive Council meetings in Mexico City, Mexico, 8-14 October 2017 it was discussed and agreed to establish the African Young Water Professional Forum (Af-YWPF) and to organise the 1st meeting of the forum in Egypt in 2018. The Af-YWPF was held from 14 -16 October 2018 and ended with the establishment of Af-YWP Forum, the approval of the forum mandate, selection for seven coordinators for the Af-YWP Forum for the years 2018- 2020 and concluded with the following recommendations:

  • Continually expose African Young Water Professional to ICID’s aims, objectives, role and activities;
  • Future Training Workshops will draw from gaps in the TNA and discussions held during this training;
  • Foster efforts to make training workshops more interactive and give participants the opportunity to learn from each other;
  • Collaborate, build and establish cooperation with institutions, organizations and agencies whose visions tallies with our objectives;
  • Discussions and various forum activities shall serve the African Challenges as well as AFRWG-ICID to ensure effectiveness of the Forum.


After the great success of the 1st AFWYPF, the number of the  forum members has rapidly increased and reached more than 600 members from all African countries, which become an important platform at the African continent for capacity building of African future leaders in all water related fields.


International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) organizes regional conferences at four regions of the world – African Region, European Region, Asian Region, and Pan- American Region. The African Regional Conference (ARC) series was started with the first one held on Drainage in April 2004 in Cairo, Egypt. The Second African Regional Conference took place in November 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The third ARC on irrigation and drainage was organized in Bamako, Mali in December 2011. The 4th conference on irrigation and drainage was held in Aswan, Egypt in April 2016. The 5thARC in the series will be hosted by Moroccan National Committee of ICID (ANAFIDE) during 16-19 March 2020 in Marrakech, Morocco. Thus, keeping in mind the importance of the Af-YWPF, the: Moroccan National Committee of ICID (ANAFIDE),  AFRWG of ICID , and ICID are working collaboratively to take the important occasion of The 5thARC  to host the international African Young Professionals Training Program (AfYP-TP) back to back to the  5thARC. The training will be followed by the first African young water professional workshop during the 5thARC. The training program and the workshop aim to provide an opportunity to the African young professionals (AfYPs) to have a broader and also in-depth exposure to emerging irrigation technologies and management scenarios considering the urgent need for a sustainable climate change-resilient agriculture sector.